Nexgenia develops proprietary molecule-specific selection reagents that utilize stimuli-responsive polymers. These novel “smart” polymers transition from soluble, single molecules to multi-molecular aggregates in response to modest changes in temperature, pH, or salt.

When stimuli-responsive polymers are covalently linked to targeting or capture moieties, such as antibodies or magnetic nanoparticles, the polymers’ response characteristics are conveyed to those moieties. The resulting polymer-nanoparticle and polymer-antibody conjugates thus remain soluble during targeting and binding, then transition to an aggregated state for separation and analysis. The phase transition is reversible, which facilitates the release of captured cells or molecules. These unique properties enable the development of faster, more efficient molecular and cellular selections, diagnostics, and immunoassays.

Nexgenia reagents are game-changers – creating the potential for higher speed and sensitivity for any target, across a wide array of applications. Nexgenia has developed significant applications expertise for these reagents, along with a growing intellectual property portfolio.

Nexgenia’s stimuli-responsive polymer-based nanotechnology represents the next generation separation reagents for cell and molecular separations and diagnostics. Interested companies are encouraged to contact us at adm@nexgeniacorp.com