Bioprocess mAb Capture

  • Bulk mAb capture and elution, without the need for expensive chromatography columns or resins.
  • Rapid and robust. Works even in crude harvest cell culture supernatents.
  • Simple process, easily scaled-up.
  • Reduces process steps, equipment, reagents, and production time.


T-Cell Activation

  • No magnetic nanoparticles required.
  • Minimal cell manipulation necessary.
  • Results in robust expansion and activation in culture.


Cell Selection

  • Soluble reagents are filter-sterilizable and amenable to automation processes.
  • Soluble magnetic nanoparticles can be washed away from selected cells easily.
  • Sequential cell selections, using different stimuli and thresholds, are possible.



  • Increased sensitivity and speed.
  • Amenable to automation.
  • Stimuli-responsive polymers can be conjugated to nucleic acid, protein, or synthetic probes.
  • Biomarkers such as HIV p24 antigens are captured more rapidly and efficiently than with Dynal magnetic microbeads.